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Asean Paper Bangkok 2025, the premier exhibition of the pulp, paper, tissue and packaging industries returns to take these industrial sectors to the next level. With 2025 edition will cover larger areas and gather more professionals around the region than ever before.

The pulp and paper industry is one of the largest industrial sectors in the world, playing a vital role in the global economy and socio-economic development, despite experiencing many challenges over the past two decades. While some people think the digital age will disrupt this industry, its continued growth has already proven this sentiment to be false. There are still high demands around the world for this industry's products due to its eco-friendly properties and other unique advantages, however business needs to keep innovating to meet these changing demands. Asean Paper Bangkok 2025 saw the need to expand and rebrand itself to support its growth across this region.

Asean Paper Bangkok is truly a regional event, with support and collaboration from both domestic and international organisations covering all dimensions of the pulp and paper industry. The event will emphasize the potential of Asean for this industry from upstream to downstream and support the region on the global stage. Join us at Asean Paper Bangkok 2025 to build a community for sustainable and resilient growth.

Corrugated and Paper Recycling & Packaging

The next event will be included a special new exhibition feature - Corrugated and Paper Recycling - to further shine a spotlight on this sector and to offer a more comprehensive value chain of the pulp and paper industry. As e-commerce retail sales continue to rocket, packaging demands are on the rise, especially in the corrugat ed industry, with corrugated board seen as a sustainable solution due to its easy recyclability. This sector's global market is expected to rise as consumers continue to purchase more items online. Moreover, companies will need this lightweight packaging to address their own sustainability policies. This new feature will showcase this trend and highlight a variety of solutions from corrugated paper-based products to corrugated and paper recycling & packaging technology.

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The advanced, innovative technology and solution in paper, pulp, packaging and tissue industries at previous edition

DON'T MISS! your chance to also join various insightful Conference & Technical Seminar Sessions under the theme "Sustainable Paper Production Technology & Solution for Future Business" with interesting topics and lined up expert speakers in the pulp and paper industry.

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